This Simple Trick lets you find Google Images by exact Dimensions

When you search Images on Google search, you already get the size tools to filter your image search. Currently, Google provides four options i.e. “Any size”, “Large”, “Medium” and “Icon”.

Suppose you are searching for some wallpapers on Google, but you want them to be exact 1920×1080 pixels size and you end up on the “Large” size tool. However, that exact dimension Image search is possible thanks to this simple trick.

When you try to search the Image, add this code imagesize:1920×1080 after your search query like this “rick and morty imagesize:1920×1080” and hit Enter. Also, don’t forget to change the value of the size in the query.

By using this simple and easy trick, you can now search the Images on Google Search for the exact same dimension.