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How to choose the right earphones for you

Admit it or not, we all spend a lot of money to buy new earphones every now and then. They are the everyday gadget that highly impacts our daily routine. We run with our headphones on, take them on the bed, wear them while traveling, and more. Due to rough use, many headphones give up too easily and after that, you make a new purchase. Well, you need to break that trend and need a good pair of earphones to improve your daily life.

Earphones can really be a one-time investment if you buy them after proper research and understanding their specifications. Are you confused about how to choose the best and right earphones? Well, stick with us as we are going to cut through the confusion that can help you find the best pair for daily use.

Step by step guide to choosing a right headphone

Here is a step by step guide to choosing the right headphone:

Step #1: Identify how you are going to use your headphones

First of all, you need to identify how you will use your earphones. Like if you are using them while traveling, while doing gym, or just in your room to listen to music. Well, it is important to identify as there are different earphones for different purposes.

Step #2: Choose the right headphones type

It is one of the biggest decisions while purchasing an earphone. So, you need to think about what you are actually looking for? The 3 most common types are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

Let’s discuss the difference between these 3 types of headphones:

1- In-ear headphones

These types of headphones are also called earphones or earbuds. They are the smallest as compared to other options. They fit right in your ear canal. So, if you are looking for something that could make you more focused, then you should go for this type.

2- On-ear headphones

These types of earphones mostly come in small sizes. Besides that, they are quite lighter than over-ear headphones. They simply stay on your head via pressure directly in your ears like ear muffs. These types of earphones also come in open and closed designs. You can choose any of them whatever suits you the most.

3- Over-ear headphones

These headphones are the biggest of all 3 types as they surround and cup your ear. They put light pressure on your temple and upper jaw for a grip. These headphones are not only classy but also come in both open and close styles. Well, if you are a music lover, we will recommend using the closed-back one to keep your music in.

Step #3: Choose between open and closed headphones

As mentioned earlier, earphones come in both open and closed types. So before you buy, let’s have a look at open-back headphones vs closed-back headphones.

Closed-back headphones

These types of headphones have no vents. Besides, its whole structure is built to cup your ear. It has a part that touches your face and seals all the space between your ear and the outside world. Also, its inside is soft to provide relief to your ears. It is one of the most common designs found in all types of headphones and best to enjoy music while the person next to you hears nothing.

Open-back headphones

You can see the holes and vents in open-back headphones with the drivers exposed to the world. Its sound gets through and lets airflow in and out of the ear easily. You can get the feel of the regular stereo by using this type of headphones. While using these headphones make sure that the sounds go outside and it means that the person next to you can easily hear whatever you are playing. So, it is not suitable to use in public as you can just use them at home.

For now, you know both types of headphones and you can use any of them according to your preference.

Step #4: Choose between wired or wireless

Wireless headphones have a cord connecting the 2 earbuds likewise the bose SoundSport in-ears. It depicts that there are no wires for connecting to the music and each earbud. If we talk about wireless headphones, they come with the freedom benefits as you no longer have to be physically tethered to any device.

Well, on the other hand, there are 2 reasons to use wired headphones. For instance, if you are a sound engineer or a musician, you need a wired pair for higher quality audio and better sound. And, the second reason is the battery life. If you have used Bluetooth headphones, you might have noticed that they drain the battery quite quickly. So, our preference is to get the wired headphones especially for traveling or any other case where you can’t charge your battery more often.

Step #5: Noise cancellation feature

For now, you must have made up your mind about what to buy between open or closed headphones, and wired or wireless. Another feature that you should keep in mind is the noise cancellation feature. Well, it is pretty challenging to know how much better quality headphones are between over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear as they come with noise-canceling technology. No matter wherever you are, at a busy train station or close by to any heavy machinery, nothing can come between you and your music. You can buy the Sony or Bose noise-canceling headphones as they are classy and reasonable.

What type of music do you play?

Your chosen headphones collection depends on the type of music you play. Like if you are more into bass or you love to listen to hip-hop. Well, there is no need to worry about the type of music. Just focus on your preference and buy any premium and high-quality headphones after complete research to buy a headphone that lasts longer than usual.

Moreover, you can buy quality headphones in the range of 1K to 5K depending on your needs and budget. Also, if you buy it from any authorized dealer, you can also enjoy the warranty of 6 months to 1 year.