How To PC

How to Make Your PC Faster

So, your PC is running at a turtle-like speed? Gosh!!! That’s annoying. Waiting for a slow computer to perform your simplest tasks may take longer than you might think. In such a situation banging your mouse on the desk, rolling your eyes here and there, sitting around, and waiting for your PC to get back […]

Audio How To

How to choose the right earphones for you

Admit it or not, we all spend a lot of money to buy new earphones every now and then. They are the everyday gadget that highly impacts our daily routine. We run with our headphones on, take them on the bed, wear them while traveling, and more. Due to rough use, many headphones give up […]

How To Mac

How to Take Screenshot on your MAC

Easy, powerful, and simple-to-use, Screenshots are a great way to exchange the exact information you see on your screen. Screenshots have made life super easy. And the best part about them is you can take a screenshot in seconds. They aren’t just handy. They are revolutionary. Capturing crazy (or maybe useful) stuff, what you are […]