Type Like a Pro: 7 Secrets Tips to Dramatically Increase Typing Speed

Typing on Keyboard

Since the day computers have become a part of our daily lives, increasing typing speed has been prioritized. It is essential for every job. Increase typing speed helps to communicate fast and effectively, complete assignments on time and make you comfortable with computers.

On the contrary, the slow typing speed can be exhausting, making you sleepy. But speed isn’t everything. You need accuracy, consistency, and understandability.

Moreover, after the pandemic situation, everything transformed from manual to automation. It has increased the use of computers for all despite their working conditions. And yes! Typing remains a fundamental skill.

Unfortunately, some people lack a good typing speed and are left behind in the race. But they don’t need to worry anymore because my passion for helping my fellows made me spend uncountable hours on the internet, surfing through pages and gathering authentic information that could help you out.

Now you don’t have to research anyone. Simply go through the piece of writing until the end to check out the tips and tricks to improve typing speed and make your work as easy as ABC.

Tip 01: Posture Matters to increase typing speed

I remember how my kindergarten teacher guided us about the sitting posture. Her exact words were ‘Sit straight, back straight, and feet together. Ah, we never knew that it holds the utmost importance.

Your sitting posture decides your typing speed as well. Sitting in an upright position on the desk or straight-back chair and avoiding the hunched pose improves your typing speed.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to achieve the ergonomic position;

  • Your keyboard must be placed below your elbow level.
  • Relax your shoulders and forearms. Open your elbows to 90 – 110 degrees.
  • Keep your wrist straight and neutral. Make sure your wrist does not rest on the desk.
  • As instructed by my teacher, keep your back straight and feet together. Note: Your feet should be flat on the floor or use a stool to maintain your perfect posture.

The right posture improves the respiratory system, increases oxygen intake, and boosts up the energy level, ultimately enhancing the typing speed.

Tip 02: Learn About your Keyboard and its Keys

Increase Typing Speed

Pro tip: You don’t have to enrol in any professional course to learn and speed up your typing. Knowing your keyboard can ease your work.

Keyboards are available in different shapes and sizes. Ergonomic keyboards offer a high degree of comfort to the users. But what shape and size is the perfect typing solution is still undetermined.

  • The alphanumeric keys are the most used on any keyboard. Make sure these keys’ sizes should be large enough to alleviate the typing.
  • A bowl-shaped key that fits your fingers’ shape reduces the chances of errors and hence reduces the typing time.

That’s not it! Every keyboard has different features and layouts. It is advised to learn about all the useful key shortcut commands of your keyboard. Once you’re familiar with the keys and their functions, picture the keyboard in your mind and perform a self-assessment check.

BAM! Now you’re qualified for the next tip!

Tip 03: It’s all about Fingers Positioning to increase typing speed

Your typing speed isn’t restricted to the key adaptation. However, it requires a typing style that involves the correct finger placement and using all of them.

Curve your fingers and place them on the home row keys, i.e., left-hand fingers on ASDF and right-hand fingers on JKL; keys and your thumbs wobble over the spacebar. Now, slowly move your fingers to use the adjacent keys but ensure your fingers return to their original position.

Hint: Don’t look at your fingers while typing; just keep moving them until they find their right position. Also, place your fingers on the bottom of the home row keys to lessen the pressure on your hands and enhance the typing.

Tip 04: Don’t Rush

If you’re a newbie, it is advised not to rush. Keep your typing speed as slow as a snail. Take your maximum time and overcome your weaknesses. Your speed will eventually increase as your fingers strike the right keys by default.

P.S. Don’t forget to glance at the keys before you start typing.

Tip 05: Stretch if you’re Tired

If you’re tired of typing, your fingers or knuckles are sore, or your wrists got stiff, get help from stretching.

Hold your palms and extend the arms upwards to full length; gently press your fingers and pull them towards yourself.

Stretching can relieve pain, decrease your stress, boost your energy, improve your posture, and increase stamina. When all these things are combined, they refresh you and ultimately result in improved work performance and typing speed.

Tip 06: Practice Makes a Man Perfect to increase typing speed

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice”

Vladimir Horowitz

None can master the keyboard without practising, and consistent and deliberate practice can outshine your typing skills. Practice puts the brain in your muscles, strengthens them, and makes you strong enough to achieve your goal.

The more you practice, the more you’re confident about the key functions and layouts. The more you’re confident, the faster you type, and the practice chain can hook you up to achieve the impossible.

Tip 07: Test Yourself

Evaluate yourself, identify the gaps, and make improvements.

Testing your typing speed is a cinch. Simply set a timer and write any passage. Check the number of words you’ve written in 60 seconds. Mark your mistakes and try to overcome them.

Besides, there are multiple online software available that offer typing games and challenges. These games last for one minute or more and generate a result in the end. With these challenges, you’re able to see how fast and accurate your fingers are.

P.S. The typing speed for the standard level is 40 words per minute (WPM). However, you’re a word processor who spends most of your time typing; the WPM ranges from 55 to 90.

IMPORTANT: Take a break at every interval to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Have a cup of coffee, refresh yourself, and be more productive.

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