Blogging is the best way to share your unique ideas with your friends and around the web. If you dream of becoming a professional blogger and maintaining a blog, you’ll surely need some nice, helpful and suggested tools. These Blogging tools and services allow you to maintain your blog and these tools also make blogging very easier.

Today this is my blog’s first post. Here I’m discussing some great and useful services and tools. In just a few days, it makes it much easier for you to work again on your blog regularly. These Blogging tools are also free of cost. You have to pay nothing for these services and tools. So now take a look at the tools and services below.

Copyscape – Blogging Tools Blogging Tools

Copyscape is a free and best tool on the internet to check duplicate and plagiarism content on your blog or site. It also allows you to check plagiarism content on other websites and blogs that have copied from your blog. This tool helps you to find which blog is snatching your blog traffic by duplication of content. There is also a premium version version of Copyscape. Premium Copyscape helps you to find out if the content is unique and original.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Blogging Tools

Google Analytics is a very useful and powerful analytic tool by Google. You can easily track your visitors to your blog. You can track every movement on your blog with Google Analytics. So, set up analytics today in your blog to track visitors.

Ping-O-Matic – Blogging Tools Blogging Tools

Pingomatic is a free tool to help you ping your blog post’s link to various search engines and crawling agents. Pingomatic sends the latest post info to the crawling robots and these robots fetch your data. Indexing in Search engines also helps to increase your blog traffic.

Siteliner Blogging Tools

Siteliner fully explores your blog when you enter your blog’s URL. This tool helps you to manage your blog’s broken links, XML Sitemaps, page power, word count of posts and much more.

Article Rewriter – Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools

Article Rewriter is the last useful tool on the list. The article Rewriter tool will scan your article. It will ask you for some alternates of some words. You can easily change words for a better article.

From Editor’s Desk :

I’m sure that you will enjoy this article about blogging tools and services. These tools will allow you to skyrocket your blog’s traffic. If I find more great tools, I’ll update this post.